Statistical test calculators

The statistical test calculators provide more than just the simple results, the calculators check the tests' assumptions, calculate test powers and interpret the results. The online calculators support not only the test statistic and the p-value but more results like effect size, test power, and the normality level. If one of the validations fails the tool recommends a solution.

Test calculators

Test Assumptions Required sample data
# Test name Check Statistic Normal Distribution Ind σ σ12 d μ/p x̄/p̂; n S data
1One Sample Z-Test MeanZ statistic
2One Sample T-Test MeanT statistic
3Two Sample Z-Test MeanZ statistic
4Two Sample T-Test (Pooled variance) MeanT statistic
5Two Sample T-Test (Welch's) MeanT statistic
6Two Sample Mann-Whitney U Test RankU statistic
7Paired T-Test MeanT statistic Paired
8Paired Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test RankT statistic Paired
9One Way ANOVA Test MeanF statistic
10Kruskal-Wallis Test MeanF statistic
11One Sample Proportion Test ProportionZ statistic Binomial
12Two Sample Proportion Test ProportionZ statistic Binomial
13Chi-Squared Test For Variance σchi-squared statistic
14F Test For Variances σF statistic
15Levene's Test For Variances σF statistic
16Chi-Squared Test For Goodness Of Fit
(McNemar test, Chi-squared test for association, Fisher test, Binomial test)
Fitchi squared statistic
17Shapiro-Wilk Test Fitw statistic
18Kaplan Meier Survival Analysis Survivalw statistic
** - yes, - no, empty - irrelevant

Regression calculators

# Regression Statistic
1Simple Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
2Multiple Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
3*Bulk Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
4Binary Logistic Regressionχ2 = 2(LL1-LL0)
5Multinomial Logistic Regressionχ2 = 2(LL1-LL0)
*Bulk linear regression calculator for several dependent variables with the same predictors.

Statistical Power and Sample Size calculators

Distribution calculators

Statistical tables

# Table
1Z table
2T table

Measurements calculators

# Measurement Image
1Mean Median Mode (Q1, Q3, IRQ, Range)mean
2Standard Deviation (Variance, Mean, SEM, MAD)Standard deviation
3Average (Sum, Count)
4Outliers (Tukey's Fences (Boxplot), Z-Score)
5Probability (Probability formula, Dependent events, Bayes' Theorem, Independent events) P

Chart makers

# Chart Image
1Histogram makerBinomial Distribution


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