Percentile calculator

This percentile calculator calculates both individual percentiles and the percentiles table, providing solutions.

The data should be separated by a line break or a comma. You may paste from Excel. The tool ignores empty cells or non-numeric cells.

How to use the percentile calculator

The tool uses to create 'percentile', also called a 'percentile score' or 'centile':

  1. Enter delimited data
    • You can copy the data from Excel and paste it into the calculator.
    • You can choose the data delimiter under 'more options'.
  2. Choose the required percentile.
  3. Determine the percentile table increment value.
  4. Press the 'calculate' button.
  5. After generating the plot, you will find the solution and customization buttons located below the plot.
  6. The percentile calculator offers the option to exclude outliers using Tukey's fences method for better clarity.

What is percentile rank (PR) ?

The percentile rank of a value corresponds to the percentage of values in the population that are lower than the given value.

What is percentile?

The percentile, also called the percentile score, represents a value that is greater than or equal to the specified percentile rank percentage of the other values. The percentile is the inverse of the CDF.

Percentile rank formula

PR = 100 *Rank - 1
Sample Size - 1

What is 95th percentile?

The 95th percentile score represents a value that is greater than or equal to 95 percent of the other values.

Percentile formula

Rank =PR * (Sample Size - 1)+ 1

The percentile is the value with the rank above rank.
When the rank is not integer we calculate the percentile using the following formula:

Rank = Integer + Decimal
Percentile = Number(Integer) + Decimal*(Number(Integer + 1) - Number(Integer))

Percentile example

Calculate the 75th percentile of the following list:

1. Sort the numbers in ascending order:

2. Calculate the index of the percentile:
Rank =Percentile Rank * (Sample Size - 1)+ 1
Rank =75 * (10 - 1)+ 1 = 7.75
3. The result is the interpolation of the 7th number: 7 and the 8th number: 13.
Percentile = 7 + 0.75*(13 - 7) = 11.5.