Stem and Leaf Plot Calculator

Stem and leaf plot generator with calculation steps

The data should be separated by a line break or a comma. You may paste from Excel. The tool ignores empty cells or non-numeric cells.

How to use the stem and leaf plot generator

The tool uses to create 'stem-and-leaf plot', also called a 'stemplot' or 'stem-and-leaf diagram':

How to generate the stem and leaf diagram

  1. Enter delimited data
    • You can copy the data from Excel and paste it into the calculator.
    • You can choose the data delimiter under 'more options'.
  2. Choose the number of leaf digits (default is one digit).
  3. Press the 'calculate' button.
  4. After generating the plot, you will find the solution and customization buttons located below the plot.

More options

  1. Choose the number of digits after the decimal place. For example, selecting 2 digits will multiply all numbers by 100 (102). Selecting -2 digits will divide all numbers by 100. If you chose 'Automatically' the tool will chose the best number of digits.
  2. Choose the stem color.
  3. Choose the leaf color.
  4. Choose the leaves delimiter in the plot.
  5. The stem-and-leaf plot generator offers the option to exclude outliers using Tukey's fences method for better clarity. This option will appear after generating the plot. Even if you decide to exclude outliers, it is better to view the chart before doing so.
    • If you want to exclude outliers, change the 'outliers' field to 'Exclude'.
    • Sometimes, you can significantly enhance the clarity of the diagram by removing the outliers.
    • It can be interesting to compare both diagrams, one with outliers and one without outliers.

What is a stem and leaf plot?

The stem-and-leaf plot is a graphical representation of numerical data that effectively displays the data's distribution. It shares similarities with a histogram, but provides the advantage of showing the actual numbers. In a stem-and-leaf plot, the stem refers to the digits on the left, while the leaf represents the rightmost digit(s). Typically, the leaf consists of only one digit, whereas the stem contains all the other digits.