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TestAssumptionsRequired sample data
#Test nameCheckStatisticNormal DistributionIndσσ12dμ/px/p̂nSdata
1One Sample Z-TestMeanZ statistic
2One Sample T-TestMeanT statistic
3Two Sample Z-TestMeanZ statistic
4Two Sample T-Test (Pooled variance)MeanT statistic
5Two Sample T-Test (Welch's)MeanT statistic
6Two Sample Mann-Whitney U TestValueU statistic
7Paired T-TestMeanT statisticPaired
8Paired Wilcoxon Sign Rank TestValueT statisticPaired
9One Way ANOVA TestMeanF statistic
10One Sample Proportion TestProportionZ statisticBinomial
11Two Sample Proportion TestProportionZ statisticBinomial
12Chi-Squared Test For Varianceσchi-squared statistic
13F Test For VariancesσF statistic
14Levene's Test For VariancesσF statistic
15Chi-Squared Test For Goodness Of FitFitchi squared statistic
16Shapiro-Wilk TestFitw statistic
17Kaplan Meier Survival AnalysisSurvivalw statistic
** - yes, - no, empty - irrelevant

Regression calculators

1Simple Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
2Multiple Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
3*Bulk Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
4Binary Logistic Regressionχ2 = 2(LL1-LL0)
5Multinomial Logistic Regressionχ2 = 2(LL1-LL0)
*Bulk linear regression calculator for several dependent variables with the same predictors.

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