Shapiro-Wilk Test Calculator

The maximum sample size is 5000

tails: for Shapiro-Wilk Test you can use only right tail
one varaince test tutorial

Target: Check if the normal distribution model fits the observations
The tool combine the following methods: Formal normality test: Shapiro-Wilk test results, this is one of the most powerfull normality tests. Graphical methods: QQ-Plot chart and Histogram


H0: Normal Distribution
H1: Other Distribution

Test statistic

Chi2 statistic


Normal distribution right tailed

b EquationSum of Squares Equation

Test calculation

Statistic Data

Name:The name of the group you sampled from
α:Significant level (0-1), maximum chance allowed rejecting H0 while H0 is correct (Type1 Error)
Outliers:It is not recommended to exclude outliers unless you know the reasons

Enter sample data

When entering data, press Enter after each value or copy data from Excel, Google sheets or any tool that separate data with Tab. When copy the data, choose one block includes the header (or only data), and paste below.
hover for excel example example from excel

It is okay to leave empty cells, empty cells or non numeric cells won't be counted


n:sample size
x:sample average
median:sample median
S:sample standard deviation
SS:Sum of Squares
b:b statistic
Excess kurtosis:
p-value:the probability the data was sampled from a normal distribution
Outliers observation point that is distant from other observations
validation message