Statistical power calculator

F Distribution

one varaince test tutorial


distribution left tailed distribution two tailed distribution right tailed

Power calculation

Calculate the test power basted on the sample size and draw a power analysis chart.

Use this test for one of the following tests:
F-Test for variances

Statistic Data

digits:example digits=2: (0.001234 => 0.0012)
α:significant level (0-1), maximum chance allowed rejecting H0 while H0 is correct (Type1 Error)
ratio var1/var2The power is expected to identify the effect. If one exists, H0 will be rejected. effect size - the ratio the test is expected identify. examples:
1.05 - Var1 is bigger than Var2 by 5%
1.1 - Var1 is bigger than Var2 by 10%
n1:Group1 sample size
n2:Group2 sample size

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