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None of us understand statistics! It is a field where knowledge comes with an expiration date. I studied statistics in uni, and yet it is still impossible to decide which tail of the monster to fight, left, right or both. Those who understand statistics will know that there are two types of errors in the field, trying to understand and pretending to understand.
This is a website for all of us, the statistically impaired. Data comes in and statistics come out. We take in gibberish and get the real result which is more than unreadable numbers. We get you more than a strictly conclusive Pass or Fail, True or False. We get you conclusions in simple words, and well... there may also be a p-value discreetly attached to it. We tell you what test to choose and what to input, hell, we recheck if you are using the right test. Welcome to Statistics Kingdom and enjoy your stay.

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Website NameStatistics Kingdom
Date LaunchNovember 2017
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1. Mann Whitney U test calculator [Internet].Statistics Kingdom 2017 [cited 25 October 2019]. Available from: http://www.statskingdom.com/170median_mann_whitney.html .

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